Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cancer Does Indeed Suck!

Ok, so this post has nothing what-so-ever to do with books but it is pretty important to me.  My husband (and best friend) Jason and his band Short To Ground contributed an exclusive track to the compilation Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence.  All proceeds from the sale of Electronic Saviors 2 goes to The Bone Marrow Foundation and Gilda's Club of Western Pennsylvania.  As a cancer survivor this is a cause near and dear to my heart.

The following link will take you to Jason's blog post about Electronic Saviors.  From the post you will be able to link to a podcast of some of the songs from the compilation.  Give it a listen, if you enjoy what you hear, or know someone who will,  please consider buying the compilation and donating to a great cause!  Tell your friends!! :)
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