Friday, May 18, 2012

Sweet Blood of Mine by John Corwin

* I was given a free copy of this book for review purposes. The review is based solely on my opinion and was not influenced by author or publisher.

Justin is a nerd, a big one. He is the typical punching bag for the popular jocks. He has his nerdy friends, his role-playing game Kings and Castles, a crush on an unattainable girl, a flabby spare tire, man boobs and excruciating migraines. Sounds like quite the catch doesn't he? Stacey thinks so and that's before he gains his super strength, speed and ability to seduce just about any woman. Sounds like he hit the jackpot right? Not quite. His friends, not so great, the girl, not so crush worthy, Stacey, not so human and his parents, not who he thought they were.

I thought this book was a refreshing change of pace. It was enjoyable to read the story from a guy's point of view, and a hopeless romantic guy at that. I love Justin's sense of humor and he is a character that is easily related to. There were quite a few 'laugh out loud' moments I think the author did an excellent job developing his characters. It's easy to like who you are supposed to like and hate who you are supposed to hate. The dialogue is good and snarky, perfect for the intended audience.

The only negative thing I have to say is that it felt like the author tried to jam too much into the story. It felt a little chaotic at times, but then again that may be exactly what the author was going for.

In any case, I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fast, funny and at times heartwarming read. I look forward to the continuation of Justin's story in book two of the series. 

My Rating: 4/5 stars

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