Sunday, January 6, 2013

Over in a Flash: A Day at the Zoo

I hesitate to call this a new feature because I have yet to determine how often they will be posted.  I do know that I have been neglecting short stories in my reading and there are some really good ones out there.  I would like to start integrating more of them into the reading 'schedule'  and giving them well deserved attention on the blog. I don't intend to review, just spotlight the stories. I would like to thank author, Mary C. Moore (click the link to be whisked to her website) for providing me with the short story that jump started Over in a Flash.

Here we go........

(link will take you to story's Goodreads page)

 Extremely fun read! I was given a copy of this short story by the author. She was asking if I would review another book for her and noticed that I was a veterinary technician, she thought I would enjoy her short story. Boy, was she ever right. I could totally relate to the story and I found it both light-hearted and humorous. It is such a great little story that I think even readers that aren't in veterinary or animal related fields will enjoy it as well. My only complaint, I wish it was longer! I compare it to those Dessert Shooters at restaurants like Applebees. They are so yummy, but they are small and you just want there to be more.

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