Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review: Revamp by Beck Sherman

Genre: Horror/Post-Apocalyptic
Pages: 439
Kindle Edition
Source: Author

Emma is on the trip from hell, or maybe it's the trip to hell. She just turned in her final paper and is heading out to the west coast to interview for grad school. People were acting a bit strange before she left, but Emma has no idea what's in store for her once her plane lands. She wakes up on an empty plane and the airport is empty, or is it? There doesn't appear to be anyone on the streets and when she finally does come across someone, there is something way off kilter about them. Thankfully she meets someone who resembles normal, but can she trust him? He seems to be making some outrageous claims. Little does Emma know, this is only the beginning. 

This was a tremendous read! The characters are extremely well written and are both believable and easy to relate to. Emma is a fantastic female lead. She can be unsure of herself at times but she transforms into a take charge, not backing down kind of girl. I completely enjoyed the fact that she wasn't a helpless, clueless twit. Character development comes in the form of descriptive back stories for most of the major players. I only wish that Charlie had gotten a back story. The relationship between Emma and Cooper is handled perfectly, had it gone any differently it would have detracted from the story. The villain is fascinating and after getting into their history, I found myself sympathizing with them. Their actions are still vile and reprehensible but understandably so, if that makes any sense!

The plot is engaging and my interest was continually peaked throughout the tale. The account is mainly from Emma's point of view but there are some POV (and time frame) switches during the character back stories, which can in themselves be confusing. Not the way Beck Sherman writes it. It is completely reader friendly and eliminates any confusion. The ending is fantastic, it's a bit vague leaving the possibility for future works, but it provides enough closure for this to be a stand alone. There is also a fun cream-filled surprise!

I had heard some good buzz about this book before reading it and I have to say it was even better than I was expecting. Beck Sherman definitely does not disappoint, I cannot wait to read more!

*I was given a free copy of this book for review purposes. The review is based solely on my opinion and was not influenced by author or publisher.

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars


  1. I read this book last year when the author was looking for some reviews, and I thought it was fantastic and WAY under the radar! Glad you enjoyed it!!


  2. I loved this book! The author surprised me which doesn't happen often. I will read anything she writes now!


    1. I know, I was completely surprised too. She has another book expected out this year called Goodbye Nothing. Keep your eyes peeled, I will be posting an interview with Beck in the next few days.